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It has been a long time now since MERIBEL has been developed as a ski resort. ROBERT FRONT threw himself into the sport and in 1954 opened a ski shop named it CHAMOIS SPORTS. Many years have passed and clients have grown in numbers and loyalty.
Robert's children have succeeded him and CHAMOIS SPORTS today remains a family




The tracks form a long day of skiing aren't only found in the snow.

The tracks form a long day of skiing aren't only found in the snow.
Various isope conditions and high use will eventually have a damaging effect on skis, shaped skis or snowboards.
Scratches and gouges on the base will not only spoil the the fun of skiing or riding, but will also cause the equipment
to lose its value. Thanks to SKID LASER 30, fine and deep scratches can always be easily and quickly repaired through
automatic maelting of liquified polyethylene. The damagedspots are targeted and repaired with a minimal cost of time.

Meet our customers growing demands.

We are giving you an image of a competent service partner who uses the right grind for every ski and board.
The micro 91 stonegrinderdevelops into a complete service station.Thanks to this we can offer you as a demanding customers a comprehensive range of services that a professionnal ski shop provides, from pre-grinding to fine grinding and edge grinding, from tuming to cold waxing, de-burring and polishing. With very little effort, heavily used and
worn-out alpin skis, shaped skis, snowboards and cross country skis can be turned into hot boards again and this mean our customers will have more fun skiing.

The disc for succes.

Ceramic disc technology continues gaining acceptance as the standard factory finish. Almost every top quality ski and many more snowboards are being delivered with this technology from the factories. Live up to our customers expectations and offer this high quality finish in your tuning center. Ceramic disc technology brings dull edges back to life and ensures a more enjoyable on-hill experience.

The TRIM DISC 71 from WINTERSTEIGER enables you to step into the world of disc technology for both skis and boards.
We offer to our customers professionnal ski and board disc tuning technology !