General rental conditions


Equipment proposed for rent is described on the present site, being clarified that the customer reserves a range of material(equipment) and not a model in particular.

. The rent comes into effect as the customer takes possession of the equipment in the store CHAMOIS SPORTS in Meribel.

The risks will be transferred during the delivery of the equipment to the customer who will assume full responsibility of taking care of equipment and make a commitment to use the equipment carefully. The rental agreement is effective only for the period of the rent. If the customer keeps(preserves) equipment beyond without having settled his situation, he(it) loses the profit of all the guarantees foreseen(planned) to the rental agreement.

. The loss of any rented products is chargeable to the person making the rent, at the store CHAMOIS SPORTS.

In case of a delay in the removal of the rented products, the customer will have to warn the store as soon as possible. Products will be rept for the customer during 24 hours. After this period, they will be put back in the store to be rented with no compensation due to the customer. The product must be returned instead removed.



The price of rent is determined by the range of equipment and the duration chosen by the customer.

The indicated prices are modifiable at any time without advance notice, knowing that articles will be charged on the price rate current to the recording of the order.

The offer CHAMOIS SPORTS over Internet, isn't addition with no other promotional offer whatever the offer may be by payment holiday vouchers, coupons of reduction, loyalty offers etc...


The customer can settle his booking directly on-line, by choosing among the following abbreviations ; VISA, Eurocard or Mastercard and by seizing the 16 numbers and expiry date of his card.

Only bank cards presenting the abbreviation CB, VISA, EUROCARD or MASTERCARD emitted in FRANCE or within the framework of international networks approved by the GIE Bank cards, are accepted. The order validated by the customer on the web site will be effective only when the central network of bank cards will have given its permission. In case of the refusal of this, the S.A.R.L CHAMOIS-SPORTS reserves the right to cancel the booking.


The customer can settle the payment also by check usable only in France, postal check or holiday voucher ( ANCV), drawn up in Euro, in the order of CHAMOIS SPORTS. For more information, please contact your CHAMOIS - SPORTS store, ALTITUDE 1600, 73550 MERIBEL LES ALLUES -FRANCE- TEL.00 33

. The customer certifies they are capable of using the rented equipment and of making a commitment to use it himself. Of express agreement between the parties, the loan or the subletting of the rented equipments is strictly forbidden.

. The customer makes a commitment to use the rented item with caution, without the danger of third parties according to regulations in force.

The customer makes a commitment to constantly maintain the equipment in good condition and to use and maintain it according to the prescriptions of usage. No guarantee covers a possible defect of adaptation of the equipment rented to the specific needs of the customer or the regulations other than those made by the store CHAMOIS SPORTS.

The CHAMOIS SPORTS store are not responsible for delays of available due to reasons independent of its will, notably in case of accidents, of delay in the return of equipments of the previous rents, the modifications of the rule, the force majeure, the strikes...
However, in these cases of unavailability, the CHAMOIS SPORTS store will propose, according to its stocks, a material(equipment) of superior or equal quality for him(it).

Article 5 – PLEDGE
The customer makes a commitment to restore the appropriate equipment in the state it was issued in.
The client may be required a bond of an equalamount to the retail price of sale TTC of the product. The pledge will be left in the form of a check, of an imprint credit card or by a pre-authorization of taking. The check of the pledge will be restored to him during the return of equipment, safe in the case of the repairs.
The CHAMOIS SPORTS store reserves the right to demand that the customer show two identity cards before the acceptance of the bond.

Article 6 – REPAIRS
.The customer makes a commitment to pay the expenses of repair or replacement of the rented equipment whatever the cause of the repairs may be, except for domage due to normal wear and tear. The repairs will be exclusively made by the store out, chargeable to the customer.

. All the equipments, the equipments and the accessories the repair of which turns out technically or economically impracticable must be paid to the store CHAMOIS SPORTS by the customer at the price of replacement is the equivalent of the selling price TTC minus the outdatedness since the date of acquisition of the equipment by the store CHAMOIS SPORTS.

Subject to the execution of the bonds ensuing from the contract, the customer benefits from the following capacities(measures), except in the case of fraud:

. Except when the customer signed the guarantee abandonment(renunciation) of appeal " flight(theft), break-in(breakage) " foreseen(planned) in the paragraph 2) below, the customer benefits from no cover(blanket) for all the damages undergone by the rented(praised) thing(matter) and engages(starts) personally his responsibility to reason the aforementioned damages whatever is the cause.
However, the customer would not know how to be held person in charge of the harmful consequences of the latent defects of the rented(praised) material(equipment) or of the not visible wear unfit for the custom(usage) for which he is intended, since the proof the aforementioned vices(defects) or wear can be brought by the customer.

.Guarantee “flight”: the customer will possibly be able, at the time of the taking possession of the material, to subscribe a guarantee of 2€ per day except if this one already stipulated it at the time of its reservation on line.
In which case, the hirer out will give up any recourse against the customer and will deal with, within the framework of normal use, the entirety of the expenses of repair or replacement.
To allow the setting concerned of this guarantee, the customer will have:
- in case of theft: to provide to the store, in the 24 hours, the original of the lodge of a complaint for flight, delivered by the gendarmerie or the police services.
- in the event of breakage: to restore the material damaged with the store CHAMOIS SPORTS and this one will have to be recognizable and complete.

.The loss and the disappearance of the material are not covered. In these cases, the material will be invoiced with the customer with his monetary value.

.In case of theft by the customer, of diversion or unspecified damage to the material resulting from the non-observance of the rules of use or the regulations in force, or the terms and conditions of this contract, CHAMOIS SPORTS is entitled to exert a recourse for the totality of the damage.

Rented equipment can be returned over to the store CHAMOIS SPORTS only during the opening hours.
For safety reasons, the customer commits himself to announcing to the hirer the possible shocks undergone by the helmets.

Neither the stickers of property affixed on the rented material, nor the inscriptions related to this one must be removed or modified by the customer. The material can be neither yielded, nor given in guarantee. The customer generally commits himself not authorizing with regard to the property leased any right, reality or other, with the profit of whoever, suitable for affect the pleasure of it or to limit of it the availability or the freehold of the hirer out.

The customer has a retractation time of 7 days retractation as from the conclusion of his reservation. If this time had suddenly expired one public holiday or non-working days, it would be extended at the first next business day.

Before the reception of the material:

The payment of the hiring for the selected duration is refunded in the event of use of the right of retractation, within the legal delay, or in the event of death in the family of the customer involving a cancellation of the stay (on supply of a document in proof of death).

Refunding is carried out by bank check or another mode.
For any other case of cancellation intervening before the taking possession of the material, 10% of the entire amount are preserved under the expenses of file.
After the reception of the material:
In the event of disease or of accident occurring for the period of hiring, the conditions of hiring remain in force. Only the material rented by the person concerned could be restored and invoiced in proportion to the number of days of hiring really carried out (on presentation of a doctor's certificate).
Climatic risks:
In the event of INTEGRAL closing of the skiable field normally accessible since the place from hiring of the material and only in this case, the days of hiring concerned will be deducted.

With the expiry of the duration of hiring, envisaged with the contract, in the event of non restitution or non payment of a partial invoice, the customer remains responsible for the equipment that was in his possession.
Its restitution is obligatory with the expiry of the period of hiring envisaged under the sorrows envisaged by article 314-1 of the New Penal code, without it being necessary to send an injunction by registered letter with acknowledgement of delivery and without the customer being able to call upon any prevention.

This contract is subjected to the French law. In the event of unspecified dispute relative to the present contract, the Court of competent jurisdiction will be that of the head office of the company exploiting the store CHAMOIS SPORTS having carried out the delivery of the material to which the parts allot an exclusive competence.

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